Wine Chips – Smoked Gouda

Wine Chips – Smoked Gouda

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Wine Chips Smoked Gouda – Designed for Cabernet Sauvignon


Our new favorite wine companion obsession is the Wine Chips line of wine pairing potato chips. They are delicious and perfect to go with your cheese board, charcuterie board, appetizers or have on their own with the right wine. The Smoked Gouda Wine Chips pair seamlessly with every Cabernet Sauvignon we’ve put them next to. But don’t stop there; the Smoked Gouda chips are great with Pinot Grigio and bubbly too! They’re a great gift item too. Our advice: use them to spice up your summer.

About the Smoked Gouda chip:  “Smoked Gouda’s sweet saltiness mates well with Cabs, Pinot Grigio or a festive sparkling wine!”

Chip Makers:  “Made with love, while drinking wine. We made Wine Chips because we love wine and we love cheese (who doesn’t?) but realized that putting the cheese IN the wine was a bad idea for both.

So one evening in 2017, over a glass of wine (ok maybe two), we wished for something simple, portable, dip-able, endlessly snack-able, cheese-ladened and delicious.

And just like that (ok, it took a lot of work, a lot of samples, a lot of wine and the dedication of more than a few passionate oenophiles, exuberant chip connoisseurs and mildly lazy party guests) the wine chip was born. Wine Lover Tested, Sommelier Approved. The Boldest, Cheesiest Potato Chip You’ll Ever Have.

We’re dedicated to crafting the tastiest potato chips infused with natural cheese flavors for people who like their wine. Wine Chips are the boldest, cheesiest, easiest and most satisfying snack you’ll ever have. As the only handcrafted snack flavor-optimized for wine, they pair perfectly with a dinner party, picnic, tailgater, birthday celebration or quiet night at home.”

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