Ultimate Gourmet Grillers/BBQ Box

Ultimate Gourmet Grillers/BBQ Box

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Ultimate Gourmet Father’s Day Grillers/BBQ Box

Your favorite griller will love this gourmet collection. Treat his taste buds to a tour of the region where sauce is everything. Featuring Florida, Vermont, Tennessee and Michigan The Ultimate Gourmet Grillers/BBQ Box delivers the flavor straight to his table.


Natural chipotle pepper oil extracts are added to our Super Premium extra virgin olive oil to create a deep, rich & smoke-dried chipotle flavor explosion that is highlighted with a hint of smoked hickory. Perfect for grilled or smoked chicken & meat, drizzle over creamy soups. Southwestern cuisine fans will be inspired by this authentic chipotle flavor & aroma. A 5 out of 10 on the heat index.


The sweet and savory aroma of maple syrup is captured in this exceptionally sweet balsamic condimento. This vinegar has become a brunch favorite and a creative addition to roasting Brussels sprouts. A sweet and warm balsamic that is superb on waffles, pork chops, and pancakes, it is also a delicious accompaniment to fruit, Greek yogurt, and ice cream.

Honey Feast – Small Batch Bourbon Honey

This Small Batch Bourbon Honey is made one barrel at a time. It is infused with Non GMO Kentucky bourbon into our 55 gallon barrel of Raw Wildflower Honey and let them get nice and happy together. This small batch bourbon honey has been used in award winning drinks and deserts.  Great in coffee, tea, glazed on meats, over deserts, cheese cake and ice cream. Perfect infused honey bourbon gift for the that bourbon lover.

Blast – Hot Pepper Sauce

We have aged this unique blend of hot peppers for up to a year in seasoned oak barrels that once held Kentucky bourbon, BLiS maple syrup, and Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout. The result is a complex hot pepper sauce with a kick of chilis combined with hints of chocolate, maple, hops, garlic, vanilla, wood and spice in one giant blast of umami.

This is the perfect hot sauce for creating delectable buffalo hot wings, bloody mary’s or enhancing any dish you use hot pepper sauce as an ingredient.


Old fashioned syrup with a twist – A drizzle to cure all ailments, use it morning and night – Pairs well with chicken n’ waffles.

Blast – Barrel Aged Steak Sauce

In the pursuit of developing a steak sauce that would become the go-to for the grill master, we sought out the finest ingredients and pushed our palate to the limit. Keeping in tradition, we’ve aged this sauce in Oak Bourbon Barrels that previously held our Blast Hot Pepper Sauce. The culmination is a steak sauce with sweet — peppery warmth. Use it as a marinade or finishing sauce!


Some call it a t-bone, but according to legend, the term Porterhouse was coined in Manhattan in 1912. Topped off with our steak seasoning, your steak will taste like it came from one of the finest brasseries. Rub the seasoning on both sides of your steak before grilling and enjoy.

Potlicker’s – Onion Smoked Maple Spread

A sweet & savory spread. Stir into dips or glaze meats. Serve with cheese, grilled meats, or on sandwiches. Potlicker Kitchen specializes in beer jelly, wine jelly, unique small-batch jams, and seasonal pickles. We tap, peel, slice, forage, simmer, and hand-pour in Stowe, Vermont.

Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we’ll ship something slightly different than what’s listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!

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