Taste of Italy Collection

Taste of Italy Collection

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The Ancient Olive – Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Crafted in Modena, Italy and inspired by rare lots of 18 Year Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia, our Traditional 18 Year Style dark balsamic has everything you would expect in a world-class balsamic: the perfect balance and structure of sweet and sour, notes of prune and caramel with a creamy texture that extends into a long finish. Made with an exceptionally high percentage of Italian Lambrusco, Sangiovese and Trebbiano grapes that are slowly cooked to create the highest quality grape must base. The must is then combined with barrel aged Sangiovese wine vinegar to start the acetification process. The end result is the most premium example of an extremely high quality balsamic condimento that pairs well with almost every olive oil in our store. A staff and customer favorite and our bestselling product.

The Ancient Olive – Garlic Olive Oil 200 mL

This infused olive oil is the perfect example of a versatile culinary oil adding robust and assertive garlic flavor wherever garlic is required. Imagine smelling the aroma of a freshly peeled garlic clove diced into small pieces. Garlic olive oil pairs very well with just about any white balsamic, dark balsamic or fruit vinegar and is the essential finishing oil in many Mediterranean dishes.

The Ancient Olive – Pesto Olive Oil 200mL

Our Pesto Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is jam packed with the flavors of fresh basil, parmesan cheese, and a touch of garlic. It’s perfect for pasta (or zoodles!), drizzled on a homemade foccacia, white pizza, caprese salad, grilled eggplant, or even just as a snack for bread dipping. Be sure to pair with Traditional 18 Year Style or Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic for an exciting new vinaigrette or marinade!

Vegan and allergen free!

Pasta Nostra – Cream, White Wine & Fresh Herb Sauce 16 oz

The Pasta Maker has developed this sauce over the years and it never disappoints – ever. It has been inspired from time living in France. We make it from scratch using real cream, white wine and a selection of fresh herbs gathered from The Farm.Gluten Free

Joy’s Gourmet – Fire Roasted Garlic & Tomato Bruschetta 10 oz

This Mediterranean delight of Fire Roasted Garlic & Tomato Bruschetta in a mixture of balsamic and red wine vinegar and aromatic fresh basil is the prefect light appetizer.  Topped with shaved Parmesan or feta cheese, on a toasted baguettes introduces an added dimension to this mouth watering experience, or simply top fish or chicken filet as you bake it.

Frik & Frak – K.I.S.S Sauce

Keep It Simple San Marzano. What did you think it meant? Keeping it simple is just what we’re doing in this jar of sauce. The small town of San Marzano in Italy is nestled at the foot of Mount Vesuvius where the terroir is composed of volcanic soil. The tomatoes grow up robust without too much acidity and not too much sweetness. In a word, perfect. We think they’re the best tomatoes and that’s why we hand-crush them and add just a few other ingredients to make K.I.S.S. Just look at her: irrepressibly red, full bodied, tons of personality! And when you taste her, you know she’s been sipping on the white wine to give her just enough pucker. 

Enjoy this sensual beauty as she is. Or scandalize her more with the sprinkling in of your own ingredients. Toss in some twisted pasta and she’s ready for you. Come get some..

Italian Harvest – Farfalline Zebra Organic Bowtie 8.8 oz

These “zebra bowties” are stylishly striped using dehydrated squid ink and they don’t lose any of the inky black color when cooked. The black and white contrast makes for a very dramatic presentation.

*Organic Marella Pasta imported by Italian Harvest is a 2013 Silver Sofi Award Winner 

Cibo Divino – Sage Pesto 6.34 oz

Made with sage and extra vergin olive oil, this is a more earthy and slightly peppery alternative to the more traditional basil pesto. Incredibly versatile and delicious, this would be delicious on crostini or pasta, or used in meat or fish dishes.

Naturally Med – Handcrafted Olive Wood 12” Spoon

This promises to be the most beautiful olive wood wooden spoon – 12″ you’ll ever see. A 12″ long cooking spoon made of olive wood, patterned by the natural grain of the wood. This olive wood spoon has a narrow, elegant handle and a rounded end.

Olive wood is ideal for food preparation as the natural oil content of olive wood means that it kills bacteria. It is therefore more hygienic than other wood or plastic products. All our products are finished with olive oil and so will not taint any food it is in contact with. These hand-made pieces are carved out of a single piece of wood so are rare as well as being unique, beautiful and durable. These olive wood spoons make a great gift.

Marella Organic Rainbow Linguine 

Pasta Marella is entirely family run, a few kilometers away from Bari, Italy. They produce traditional Apulian hand-made and bronze die extruded pastas using only local durum wheat semolina and other ingredients, and dried at low temperatures. The resulting product has a wonderful aroma and texture superior to other small produced pastas.

This Linguine is hand cut and infused with various spices and vegetable purees to make a striped appearance.

Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we’ll ship something slightly different than what’s listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!

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