Wozz Super Hot Chili Sambal

Wozz Super Hot Chili Sambal

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“hot . authentic . balanced”

Serve our hot chili sambal everywhere you want some heat and flavor: meat, seafood, sandwiches,Thai dishes, eggs, add to marinades and sauces for extra heat, stir frys, pizza, noodles and more.

Super Hot Chili Sambal

Relax, if you love your chili hot but you also need superb flavor, this is it.  Our Super Hot Chili Sambal is an 8/10 on the heat scale.  Fans have testified it is the perfect heat. A balance of fresh chopped birds eye chilis, sweetened lemon, fresh ginger, garlic and the umami of fish sauce makes this a much more versatile condiment than the usual vinegar based chili sauces out there. Serve our Super Hot Chili Sambal on the side for those who want to add an extra spicy kick to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add a drizzle to your poached eggs on toast, add to mayo for a spicy sandwich spread, add to pizza, noodles, dumplings, marinades, stir fry and more. Customers rave it’s the best chili sambal they’ve tasted.

What is sambal you ask? 

Sambal is an Indonesian / Malaysian style hot sauce or chili paste typically made from chili peppers, fish sauce or shrimp paste, fresh lime or lemon juice, garlic, ginger, scallions, rice vinegar, etc. The texture of this condiment is coarser and chunkier than your traditional runny vinegar based hot sauces.  If you have never tried sambal, you should definitely give it a go!  It’s not your average hot sauce, it’s full of layered flavors, chili heat and texture.

✓ Gluten Free    
 Vinegar Free
✓ Additive Free  
✓ Zero Thickeners
✓ Preservative Free
✓ Non GMO


 Not Suitable for Vegans (contains fishsauce)

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