Sasquatch Moss All-Purpose Herb Rub

Sasquatch Moss All-Purpose Herb Rub

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MOSS is arguably the most versatile and complex in the DIRT, FIRE, MOSS lineup. This aromatic eye pleaser is sure to spike your senses on all levels. MOSS gets you “covered” and smothered with a powerful arrangement of oregano, basil, thyme, garlic and other high quality spices. It is simply “MOSS-OME.”

MOSS gets on everything around here. In your neck of the woods it should suit you fine on pork, fish, veggies, chicken and beef. Also works great as a marinade, in sauces and over pasta. Shake MOSS liberally before smoking, grilling or before pan searing.

Uniquely... Thoughtfully...Artfully...Gourmet

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