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Shakshuka is a staple dish in North Africa and one of the highlights of Moroccan cuisine.

This rich-spiced tomato sauce could be considered the Arabic cousin of the Italian marinera, although shakshuka has more character, charming aromas as well as a spicy and subtle kick.

Shakshuka comes from the word shakshek, which means shake or jiggle in North African Arabic. It refers to the action of mixing all the ingredients together in order to prepare this delicious piquant sauce.
Our shaksuha sauce has been carefully developed by Mina in order to give you an exotic experience with a homemade feel.

Shakshuka is typically served in a tajine or skillet with poached eggs and bread. However, this versatile sauce can be used as a substitute for any type of tomato sauce. Use it as a dip, with pasta or pizza and many other dishes.

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