Set of Four Wine Twirls

Set of Four Wine Twirls

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Wine Twirls designed by Teroforma chill your favorite white wine where it counts, in the glass! Wine Twirls keep a glass of wine fridge cold for up to 45 minutes longer than otherwise and will impart neither flavor nor odor while resting at the bottom of the glass. They create the perfect chill and never interfere with that next refreshing sip. Makes a great hostess or holiday gift

– just add a bottle of white wine!


CHILL – Chill Wine Twirls in the freezer 3 hours ahead of use.
POP – Pop open a bottle of your favorite chilled wine & drop a Twirl into your glass.
TWIRL & SWIRL – Swirl and enjoy your chilled wine through the last sip! Hand wash prior to first use and thereafter following each use and freeze.

FDA Approved
Food Safe Resin, Food Safe High-Tech Thermo Gel
Made in the USA
Set of 4 Wine Twirls in a Gift Box

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