Marovato Risotto Positano Zucchini Tomato

Marovato Risotto Positano Zucchini Tomato

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Tiberino Risotto “Positano” Zucchini & Tomato is vacuum sealed to preserve the freshness and the true Italian flavors, dehydrated, this 100% natural meal is ready in minutes. No additional ingredients necessary, no straining of water required either. Vegan, healthy and easy to prepare.

100% Natural Vegan Pasta Ready Meals.

The Tiberino family started their food company in the late 1800s. The family specializes in natural food typical of Southern Italy. Tiberino ready meals are now popular throughout Europe and was even chosen by NASA for their astronauts!

Taste the best Italian food without leaving your home!

All Natural
GMO Free
Serves 3
Cooks in minutes
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives

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