Red Bear Sacre Bleu 4oz Sticks

Red Bear Sacre Bleu 4oz Sticks

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  • All Natural DEL TORO Dry Keto Salami Sticks are the perfect spicy, smoky chewy snack
  • Made from premium cuts of all grass-fed pork, never treated with hormones or antibiotics. No Nitrates or Nitrites Added.
  • The jerky keto sticks are smoked over a select mixture of real hardwood chips and dried until the prefect balance of chewy bite and natural pork flavor.
  • Enjoy our DEL TORO Dry Salami Sticks on the go or server them as part of your charcuterie plate
  • Only source 100% vegetarian feed No Hormones and Antibiotics pork from small farms dedicated to responsible and humane animal practices.

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