Raspberry White Balsamic Vinegar

Raspberry White Balsamic Vinegar

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Made with Italian Raspberries, white balsamic, and barrel-aged Pinot Grigio white wine vinegar, the deep, luscious flavors of this unique product are balanced by a touch of acidity and the subtle underlying sweetness of our white balsamic base. Tart, bright, and tangy, this true-to-fruit raspberry flavor makes the ideal complement to your dishes year-round.
Ingredients: Concentrated grape must, barrel aged white wine vinegar, raspberry purée
Combine with any EVOO and brush over squash skewers before grilling.
Reduce and combine with your favorite citrus infused olive oil to drizzle over grilled or roasted pork loin or poultry in the winter.
Whisk a fantastic fall vinaigrette with Roasted Walnut or Pistachio Oil and a little Dijon mustard.
Make a shrub for your favorite margarita or summertime drink.
Use in homemade compotes or jams.


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60 mL, 200 mL, 375 mL

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