Premium Pitted Gordal Garlic Stuffed Olives

Premium Pitted Gordal Garlic Stuffed Olives

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The Garlic Stuffed Gordal, is a olive pitted with large caliber stuffed with a sweet clove of garlic, once collected the olive goes to exhaustive process of quality. We produced this product with ours ancestor secrets and is when our olive gets soft flavors to the final taste of costumers. This variety of olive is produced in Sevilla, Spain, and is more appreciated for his large size and flavor. These olives  are presented in the most innovative glass designs and labelled with hot-stamping (gold leaf) for linking such a high quality product with the presentation.              ◦ Facts Drained weight 10 oz. Product of Spain.

◦ Ingredients Pitted olives, garlic, water, salt, acidulant (citric acid, vinegar), conservant (potassium sorbate).

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