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Pit Master Gift Set

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Pit Master Gift Set

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Ernest Hemingway Honey Rum Runner Marinade  – 12.7 fluid oz

Ernest Hemingway’s love of rum and food was legendary. The Rum Runner Marinade captures the delicious blend of fine rum, honey, savory ingredients and just enough spice to create a culinary experience second to none.  Become your own ‘Rum Runner’ and make your next meal an adventure! Open, marinate and enjoy!

This tasty all purpose marinade pairs well with poultry, fish, beef and more. Marinades are intended for soaking protein to tenderize while adding flavor. This is an authentic marinade and intended for the sole purpose of marinating.

Spiceology Beer Infused Rub – Derek Wolf  Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Rub – 8 oz    

Fire up the grill and your tastebuds with the perfect rub. The light, crisp flavors of a lager mix perfectly with the spicy (yet fruity) bite of pink peppercorns and strong, earthy hints of Mesquite to make the ideal rub for those wanting all the deliciousness with none of the hoppy bitterness.

Use on: Beef (especially brisket!), Chicken, Pork, Salmon, Prawns, Scallops, Corn, Potatoes, and Roasted Nuts.

And, turn your rub into a beer-marinade by adding it to a lager. This is the perfect way to tenderize meat or flavor veggies.

Potlicker Onion Smoked Maple Spread – 9 oz                                                             

A sweet & savory spread. Stir into dips or glaze meats. Serve with cheese, grilled meats, or on sandwiches. Potlicker Kitchen specializes in beer jelly, wine jelly, unique small-batch jams, and seasonal pickles. We tap, peel, slice, forage, simmer, and hand-pour in Stowe, Vermont.

The Ancient Olive Herbs di Napoli Balsamic Vinegar – 200mL                                  

You can practically taste the sweet, savory, and herbaceous flavors of a delightful herb bouquet just by smelling this balsamic. Dried Neapolitan herbs playfully mingle with our bright, fruity, and complex Traditional 18 Year Style Balsamic base. It boasts the versatility to go from vinaigrettes for simple salads to marinades for meats and vegetables, to homemade chutneys for cheese and salumi plates, to tangy dessert sauces drizzled over poached pears. The essence of sunny Naples runs through and through, making it perfect for countless dishes.

The Ancient Olive Picual Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Product of Spain, 10/19 Harvest                                                                                                                         

We are proud to launch our customer’s favorite early harvest, green fruit, fresh extra virgin olive oil: Family Reserve Picual. This oil was made at the family’s mill in Linares, Spain during the first two days of harvest this October by crushing under-ripe green olives early in the morning and then again at night to maintain a low olive fruit temperature.

In Spain, UC Davis Professor and Seasons in-house expert, Dr. Paul Vossen, helped make this oil with Soraya’s brother, Andres, creating a fabulous and unique, high-quality expression of Picual extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Vossen is one of the world’s highest-regarded olive agronomists and olive oil tasters.

Tasting Notes:

A beautiful medium intensity, balanced Picual with highly fruity aromas of green almond, fresh fig, tomato plant, banana peel, and nettle.  This mostly fruity and pungent, less bitter oil is alive with green herbaceous notes, mint, black pepper and sweet sensations of green apple.  Absolutely world-class and spectacular.

The quality parameters are equally impressive: less than .14% acidity and 351 polyphenols. The DAGs, or freshness indicator, register at 98.7% out of 100 and Oleic at 79%.

Spiceology Beer Infused Rub – Derek Wolf Hickory Peach Porter Rub                

Fire up the grill and your tastebuds with the perfect rub. Chocolate, caramel and toffee tones mark the flavors of this robust porter. Add to that the sweetness of dried peaches and the smoky-bacony (that’s a word, right?) taste of hickory and you have the perfect rub for just about anything.

Use on: Chicken, Pork (especially ribs!), Salmon, Duck, Lamb, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, and Roasted Nuts.

And, this isn’t just a rub. Add it to a porter and you’ll have a flavor-packed beer marinade to tenderize proteins and up the tastiness of veggies.

Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we’ll ship something slightly different than what’s listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!

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