Cocktail & Sons Oleo Saccharum (8 oz)

Cocktail & Sons Oleo Saccharum (8 oz)

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C&S Oleo Saccharum, or sugared oil, is a common punch base made by muddling citrus peels with sugar.

We upped the ante of the C&S Oleo Saccharum with a lengthly maceration process with the old-school method of hand carving lemon and orange peels and Louisiana sugar. We blend the “sugared oil” with a fresh cut lemon grass, toasted cardamom and dried ginger “tea”.

The syrup pairs well with vodka, gin, tequila, rum, pisco, and whiskies.

Work up a tasty Tom Collins with C&S Oleo Saccharum, fresh lemon juice and gin or a solid Daiquiri with C&S Oleo Saccharum, fresh lime juice and rum!

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