Meadow Land Tanager Simple Syrup

Meadow Land Tanager Simple Syrup

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This Oregon-made, handcrafted simple syrup is a delightful addition to lemonade or a vodka cocktail. ¬†This blend was inspired by summer gardens, climbing fences, and falling asleep in fresh-cut grass ūüôā

  • Tasting Notes: a first summer strawberry, a warm breeze and fresh basil.
  • Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water,¬†Oregon strawberries, fresh basil, cream of tartar
  • 236 ml (8 FL. OZ) of magical goodness!

We use locally harvested and organic ingredients whenever possible.
Non-GMO, no artificial colors.
‚ÄčOnce opened, keep refrigerated for optimum freshness.

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