Le Bon Magot Sour Cherry Preserves

Le Bon Magot Sour Cherry Preserves

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  • 🕌Journey across the Spice Route but made in the USA – a quintessentially Persian preserve with Oregon sour cherries and a spice blend incorporating notes of cocoa, orange flower and pepper. Orange flowers are perfumed with intense notes of honey and clove so pairing them with chocolate makes perfect sense to us! The pit of St. Lucia cherries or “mahlab” is finely ground to intensify the natural almond flavors of the cherry. Best when paired with dairy, game or nuts.
  • 🧀Good with everything – one of our most versatile products, the Sour Cherry Conserve is ideally to suited to soft cow, goat and sheep’s milk cheeses. Slather onto a smoked duck sandwich or with your favorite pâté. Serve it alongside roasted duck or venison. Keep it simple – spoon into yogurt and top with a few cardamom seeds or pistachios for crunch, and you have a delicious breakfast. Dribble onto roasted sweet potato wedges or over vanilla ice cream.
  • 🌿Ingredients stripped bare – succulent dried sour cherries and diced Granny Smith apples cooked in a slurry of fresh pomegranate and lemon juices with no added colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, pectin or MSG. This mahogany-colored jam is sticky, luscious with deep flavors and is adaptable to various diets – fat free, gluten-free, meat-free; nut-free; and, vegan friendly.
  • 🙌🏽Hand crafted – our Sour Cherry Pomegranate Conserve is made in small batches on a stove top in jam kettles; hand stirred and filled in individual glass jars, the conserve is made using classical, proven cooking and pickling/preserving techniques to ensure both authenticity and shelf stability.
  • 🤝Fair trade – we at Le Bon Magot are proud of our supply chain and wherever possible choose our suppliers carefully. We prefer B-Certified Corporations, fair trade organizations and other small entrepreneurs like ourselves, who are focused on superior quality ingredients and support ethical practices. This means that our products have been cultivated in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. Our glass jars are also reusable and recyclable.

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