Kitchens of Africa Maffe

Kitchens of Africa Maffe

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Maffé or Domoda are interchangeable names for the national dish of The Gambia (also known as the smiling coast of West Africa) – our Founders’ native land. Though peanut stew is a regional specialty in West Africa and the recipe and name will change depending on the country you are in, the Gambian version is especially esteemed. Visitors to The Gambia continue to marvel and rave about this culinary delight long after they’ve departed the shores of this tiny country.

The slightly sweet, spicy and tangy flavors of this sauce balance the rich and nutty peanut flavor. We use a generous amount of fresh ginger and garlic for extra boldness, fiery habaneros for a little heat, fresh lime juice for some tang, and a little sugar for a touch of sweetness. We then simmer, gently, in a rich peanut and tomato base, ideal for creating many unexpected and tasty flavors.

If you are new to African cuisine, this sauce is a perfect introduction. Simmer covered with spinach, black-eyed peas and okra for a vegan replica of a dish from The Gambia called Domoda Bissap. Add a dollop of Kaani sauce and savor it just like a local.

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