Wozz Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Jam

Wozz Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Jam

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Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney

We bring all your Caribbean favorites together for a gourmet pineapple chutney that is full of sweetness, Jerk heat, peppery ginger, fresh local mint and aromatic spices. Our Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney makes the perfect tropical salsa to spoon over seafood, blackened fish and grilled meat and is a terrific accompaniment for jerk spiced chicken, pork and burgers. Spoon our Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney into grilled shrimp tacos or spoon atop a burger for a tropical twist.  Serve as a dipping sauce for coconut shrimp or empanadas or add to the crockpot for Island style slow cooked pulled pork!  This is a delicious handcrafted pineapple chutney with rich and intense flavors.

Our chutneys are handmade in small batches using fresh non gmo ingredients, custom blended aromatics and artful attention to detail.

Jar Size 12 oz

✓ Gluten Free
✓ Additive Free
✓ Preservative Free
✓ Mild Spice
✓ Fresh Fruit Ingredients

Uniquely... Thoughtfully...Artfully...Gourmet

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