Grilling Collection 6 pack

Grilling Collection 6 pack

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Product Description

The grilling collection is a year-round favorite, delivering the taste of summer regardless of the season. The sweet, smoky, savory and versatile flavors are ideal for marinating, dressing, or rubbing foods headed for the grill, oven or slow cooker.

Cook up something delicious and enjoy!

This Eco-Friendly Box Includes a 60 ml. of:

Smoked Chipotle infused Olive Oil (60 ml.)
Tuscan Herb (60 ml.)
Porcini Mushroom and Sage infused Olive Oil (60 ml.)
Honey Pepper White Balsamic (60 ml.)
Maple infused Dark Balsamic (60 ml.)
Traditional Balsamic (60 ml.)

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