Mina Harissa Green Pepper

Mina Harissa Green Pepper

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GREEN CHILI WITH MOROCCAN ROOTS: This must-have green chili hot sauce is a fresh take on the hot sauces you love. Use it to bring a spicy green chili bite, saucy texture and pop of natural vibrant green color to any and every dish.
EASY TO USE: Use this flavorful green chili garlic sauce the same way you would any hot sauce, chili paste or verde sauce. Easy and delicious in a range of recipes and cuisines, or as a condiment, sauce, spread, topping or dip.
FRESH, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: A short list of non-GMO, keto friendly, naturally gluten free, kosher ingredients makes this green hot sauce a healthy alternative for everyone to enjoy.
BALANCED HEAT: Mina Green Harissa Sauce delivers the perfect amount of heat. Surprisingly spicy and full-on flavorful without the heavy burn of many green chili sauces.
A NEW SALSA VERDE: Hatch green chili sauces have met their Moroccan match. Try this unique green sauce alternative smothered over your enchiladas or tacos. Dip tortilla chips. Spread it over seafood, marinate chicken or mix in your tagine.

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