Fratepietro Bella di Cerignola Black Olives

Fratepietro Bella di Cerignola Black Olives

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Fratepietro’s Bella di Cerignola Black Olives have a soft texture and a slight sweetness. They might be the perfect crowd-pleasing olive, with their elegant and deeply satisfying umami taste. But they still manage to be mild enough so that even those who claim not to be wild about olives like them. One taste of these olives and we’re sure they’ll be hooked; the firm meaty flesh separates easily from the pit, giving each bite a totally satisfying mouthfeel. The Fratepietro family is the only farm in Italy that handles the whole Bella di Cerignola Olive production process: from pruning the olive trees, to harvesting, to packaging, and to selling the olives. That means that the people responsible for growing the olives are the same people responsible for putting them in jars, you can’t get any better than that!

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