Executive Bourbon Collection

Executive Bourbon Collection

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Woodford Reserve – Bourbon Cherries 13.5 oz

Muddle, garnish, and top your favorite cocktail with these Woodford Reserve bourbon cherries! Tart, sweet, and soaked in bourbon, these cherries make the perfect finishing touch to your classic bourbon cocktails, like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Not just for beverages, try switching out your maraschino cherries for a few of these bourbon cherries over ice cream for an indulgent adult dessert, or incorporate into a sauce or marinade to drizzle atop your seared pork tenderloin. Their rich taste that delivers just the right amount of oaky notes, sweet tones, and Kentucky bourbon will serve as a valuable addition to your cocktails, desserts, and entrees!

Tortuga – Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake 4 oz

Indulge in the Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake from TORTUGA® with smooth notes of faintly sweet oak that will linger on your palate. Created with aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon, your taste buds will experience a unique flavorful taste profile with bold character. The 16oz Tortuga Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake is the perfect size for desserts and the dinner table.

This product contains walnuts.

4 Rivers – Maple Bourbon Syrup 16 oz

Old fashioned syrup with a twist – A drizzle to cure all ailments, use it morning and night – Pairs well with chicken n’ waffles

TBJ Gourmet – Uncured Bacon Jam with Maple Syrup & Bourbon  9 oz

Our Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam is a must have for your kitchen pantry! Made with real bourbon and grade a maple syrup with bacon as the main ingredient this is the best bacon jam money can buy.

Terrapin Ridge Farms – Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam 11 oz

Blueberries bursting with flavor are married with pecans, raisins, cinnamon and a splash of bourbon, creating a jam that is sure to become your favorite. Not only is this jam a wonderful treat for breakfast on toast, pancakes & waffles, it is great as an ice-cream topper and as a finishing sauce for pork & poultry.

Gluten free. Vegan. Dairy Free.

Honey Feast – Bourbon Honey 12 oz

This Small Batch Bourbon Honey is made one barrel at a time. Infused with Non GMO Kentucky bourbon into our 55 gallon barrel of Raw Wildflower Honey and let them get nice and happy together. Delicious in that morning coffee or drizzled on some biscuits. Perfect infused honey bourbon gift for the that bourbon lover.

Gus & Grey – Southern Lovin’ Blackberry Bourbon Vanilla Jam 10 oz

Quickly becoming an all around favorite, have you ever tried a grilled peanut butter and  Southern Lovin’ sandwich… you will be glad that you did!  (make sure to add bacon, or banana…or both!)

**Contains no alcohol**

Woodford Reserve – Bourbon Barrel Aged Bitters, Five Pack (10 mL Each)

Collect all five of these outstanding Woodford Reserve® Bitters flavors with this combination 10ml dram set. This combination set comes in a sleek, stylish gift box and is a perfect introduction to all of the Woodford Reserve® Bitters flavors. Each big flavor is made in small batches and tested at the Woodford Reserve® distillery room. All five of the Woodford Reserve® Bitters are effortlessly handy and easy to use with the convenient drip dram topper.  Make the perfect cocktails, baked goods, or even add a drop to a tall glass of seltzer water with these endlessly versatile flavors.

Bourbon Barrel Foods – Aged Worcestershire Sauce 3.3 oz

Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce is a unique take on the traditional all-purpose sauce. Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire is sweetened with sorghum, blended with pure Kentucky limestone spring water, and mellowed in bourbon barrels that were used to age some of the Bluegrass State’s finest Bourbons. It is all-natural and vegetarian, as it contains no anchovies. Try our Worcestershire Sauce on eggs, in a Bloody Mary and especially in a burger!

J.M Thomason – Bourbon BBQ Seasoning Blend 9 oz

We decided fifty years ago not to cut corners, which goes double for our Bourbon BBQ. Using Tennessee’s own Green Brier Distillery’s bourbon, black pepper, smoked paprika, onion, and garlic, this is a true Southern BBQ, sweet and robust.

Rub it on pork, chicken or brisket, and smoke or grill to perfection. For added flavor, give it a second coating as soon as it comes off the grill.

Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we’ll ship something slightly different than what’s listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!

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