Cooking Techniques & Recipes with Olive Oil Cookbook

Cooking Techniques & Recipes with Olive Oil Cookbook

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This new hardcover cookbook teaches you everything you need to know about cooking with extra virgin olive oil. You will learn how to select and store your olive oil, as well as how to use it in the kitchen: from poaching, braising, roasting to baking, whipping and blending and everything in between! This 132-page cookbook includes recipes, tips and packed with beautiful photographs.

How often have you been at the store looking a bottles of olive oil and not know which one to buy? How many times have wished you had more uses for that expensive extra virgin oil you purchased other than a salad dressing or sautéing up a quick dish?

“Our goal in writing this book is to teach people new ways to cook with olive oil and master fundamental skills,” the authors state. “The techniques in our book will sharpen skills in the kitchen and acquaint cooks at all levels with basic methods of cooking with olive oil.”
— Mary Platis and Laura Bashar

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