Cheese ‘Culture’ Series: Milk Menagerie

Cheese ‘Culture’ Series: Milk Menagerie

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What: Cheese ‘Culture’ Series: Milk Menagerie

Where: The Ancient Olive, 324 N Park Ave, Winter Park

When:  Sunday, October 6th, 5:30-7:30 PM

Cost: $40/person 

What kind of milk is that? What’s the difference? Are goat and sheep the same? What is A2 milk? Who ever thought goat was a good idea? Why are some more expensive? Is there lactose in that? Why does this taste like a barn?  These are everyday questions in my line of work.
Cheese is interesting enough with out there being so much variety. Why do we make them with different dairies? Where did the practice come from? Who’s herd heard it first? Well, we are going to get to that.
So bring your favorite beverage and your appetite to our next course where we will be discussing and dining with the 3 party animals who give us our favorite cheeses: cow, goat and sheep.

Daniel Shaw, local to Orlando, is an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional with 10 years of experience working in high-end specialty food and beverage. He has a passion for the science and history of the world’s most beloved guilty pleasure…cheese. Daniel spends most of his time demonstrating, educating and sharing the wonders of fine foods.

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