Cheese ‘Culture’ Series: French Connection

Cheese ‘Culture’ Series: French Connection

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What: Cheese ‘Culture’ Series:  French Connection

Where: The Ancient Olive, 324 N Park Ave, Winter Park

When:  Sunday, May 26th, 5:30-7:30 PM

Cost: $40/person 

Coming soon to a tasting room near you! The “French Connection”, the next in our series based on regions so evocative there have been films named after them. From the city of Lille to the vineyards of Bordeaux. Join us for a journey, history and a delicious experience from the most recognized land of love, food, and passion. France.

That’s one thought. Here is another.

Old world is a statement with weight behind it in the food industry, and on the forefront, and possibly the most agreed upon is France. Food and wine so steeped in such fastidious traditions that drifting from the path can revoke ones name sake of the very thing that makes it so. Why are they so serious? We will see what tradition has to offer in our next course of our cheese series “The French Connections” presented by Daniel Shaw and The Ancient Olive.

Daniel Shaw, local to Orlando, is an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional with 10 years of experience working in high-end specialty food and beverage. He has a passion for the science and history of the world’s most beloved guilty pleasure…cheese. Daniel spends most of his time demonstrating, educating and sharing the wonders of fine foods.

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