Borgo de Medici Tartufata Black Truffle Sauce

Borgo de Medici Tartufata Black Truffle Sauce

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  • ✅TOP PRODUCT: Premium Tuscan Black Truffles
  • ✅LUXURIOUS: A wonderful way to enjoy the real taste of Truffles all year round. Guaranteed to enhance any gourmet dish, our Truffle Spread isn’t just a luxury ingredient – it’s an experience!
  • ✅VERSATILE: Perfect to add to your Risotto, Sauce or Pasta. Ideal to spread on crackers, warm bread, crostini or bruschetta
  • ✅SUITABLE FOR MANY DIETARY NEEDS: Gluten-Free – Non Dairy – No Nuts/Seeds – Suitable for Vegetarians – Kosher – Non GMO
  • ✅GENUINE Borgo de Medici Black Truffle Spread is imported from Tuscany (Italy) and it is made following High Standards Quality Controls

Uniquely... Thoughtfully...Artfully...Gourmet

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