Agalima Sweet and Sour Mix

Agalima Sweet and Sour Mix

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Pair your premium spirits with equally high-quality mixers, like this Agalima organic sweet and sour mix! This mix is made with certified organic ingredients that are processed using natural techniques, making this mix a great option for natural eateries and health-conscious consumers. Featuring single-pressed lemons, pure cane sugar, and blue agave nectar sourced from the culture-rich Mexican state of Jalisco, this mix delivers a perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavor. Using a single-press juicer preserves the citrus’s fresh-squeezed taste, so you can be sure you’re serving only the best, brightest-tasting beverages to your customers. Use it to whip up a classic whiskey sour or muddle with fruits and herbs for a twist!

With this ready-to-use Agalima organic sweet and sour mix, crafting full-flavored whiskey sours couldn’t be easier! Simply mix 4 oz. of mix with 2 oz. bourbon and garnish with a lemon slice for a traditional whiskey sour. You can also use this mix to experiment and conceptualize new beverages for your menu – try pairing with rum to create refreshing mojitos or vodka to create simple lemon drop martinis. To maintain freshness, this product should be refrigerated after opening.

Agalima was founded on the mission to make authentic-tasting products using fresh, organic ingredients. They source only the purest ingredients from around the world that are picked at peak freshness and honor the origins of cocktail recipes to make their quality products. Agalima’s products are great for using to craft traditional cocktails, or for reinventing them to make your own mark in mixology history. Create memorable experiences for guests in your establishment by starting with great-tasting cocktails with the help of Agalima!

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